Exporting diagrams

You can export your Gliffy diagrams in PNG, JPG, or SVG format for use in other applications. You can also export your diagram in a Gliffy format which enables you to import it when you start a new diagram (see Importing diagrams). Exported diagrams are saved in your web browser's default download folder.

1. From the Gliffy editor File menu, click Export.

2. Select the export format.

Note:  If you use the Chrome web browser and the Large or Extra Large size options are greyed out, your diagram may be too large to export within your web browser. This is a limitation of the Chrome web browser's memory capabilities. As a workaround, try using Firefox instead.

3. If you choose the PNG or JPG format, select the image size.

4. Click Export. Your file is saved in your operating system's default download location.