Importing diagrams

You can import diagrams created in other instances of Gliffy or in created in other diagramming tools. The available file formats you can import are:

  • Gliffy for Confluence, Gliffy for JIRA, or Gliffy Online diagrams (.gliffy) (see Exporting diagrams)
  • Gliffy diagram (.gon)
  • Gliffy diagram (.gxml)
  • Visio diagram (.vsdx or .vdx)
  • diagram (.drawio or .xml)
  • Lucidchart diagram(JSON format; these flies do not have a file extension)

1. From the original diagramming tool, export your diagram and save it on your computer.

2. Start a new Gliffy diagram (see Adding diagrams to a Confluence page).

3. In the Gliffy start screen, click Import a Diagram.

4. Click Browse and locate your exported diagram file.

5. Double-click the file to select it. The diagram opens in the Gliffy editor.