Canceling your plan

If you don't want to renew or no longer want to use Gliffy Online, although we'll be sad to see you go, administrators can cancel a paid account.

Important:  To prevent a recurring charge, you must cancel your Gliffy account before the Next Recurring Billing Date listed in your account summary.Gliffy is not responsible for charges incurred if the account is not canceled before the renewal date.
If you do not receive a success screen and an email confirmation of the cancellation, your account was not successfully canceled. You can confirm that your account was successfully canceled in Account Summary > Status.

After you cancel an account, it will be reverted to a free basic account at the end of your billing cycle (shown in the Account Summary tab). All your diagrams will remain accessible and editable, but you will not be able to add more than one new diagram unless you upgrade back to a paid account (see Changing your plan). For more information about the limitations of free basic accounts, see Gliffy free trial and basic accounts.

1. From the top-right corner, click the profile icon profile silhouette icon > Account Settings.

2. Click Cancel Plan.

3. Select a Reason, enter optional comments and then click Cancel Plan.

A confirmation window opens and you will also receive a confirmation email. We advise to print or save this confirmation for your records.

To confirm that your account was successfully canceled in Account Summary, your Status indicates Canceled.

If you want, you can also permanently delete your account (see Deleting your Gliffy account).