Adding dynamic layers

If you want to add interactivity to your diagrams with dynamic layers, add layer links to objects in your diagram. Before you add layer links, review the examples and best practices in Dynamic layers.

1. In your diagram, open the layer editor and create and modify the layers. For detailed information, see Using layers.

Tip:  Because your layers will likely overlap each other, use the Visibleeye icon button to show or hide layers as you create them.

2. Click the object to which you want to add interactivity (such as a button or toggler).

3. At the bottom of the Layers pane, click the Link layer button. A list of the layers in your diagram appears.

4. Select the check box for the layers that you want to show when users click the object. Clear the check box for layers that you want to hide.

5. To show an icon next to the objects in the viewer to indicate to users that the object includes interactivity, select the Show icon in viewer check box. The icon appears as shown below when users view your diagram.

6. To preview and test the layer link, click the object in your diagram, and, from the menu below the object, click Switch Layers.

selected object with menu below

Tip:  To remove the layer link, click Unlink. To edit the layer links, click Edit.

7. Click Save.

8. Repeat steps 2-7 for each object that you want to make interactive.