Mass-converting diagrams from Lucidchart or

Note:  This feature is available only for Confluence Server instances.

Users with Confluence admin rights can mass-convert all diagrams that were created in Lucidchart and to Gliffy for Confluence. This makes it easy to migrate your team to Gliffy diagrams and batch convert all your existing diagrams within a Confluence space at once.

After the conversion is complete, each Confluence page that had a Lucidchart or diagram is updated to include a copy of the diagram in Gliffy format. The original Lucidchart or diagram remains in the page, and users can then delete the old diagram once they confirm that the conversion was successful. In the Confluence attachments, converted diagrams have the text (from Lucidchart) or (from to the attachment files (see Gliffy diagrams on the Confluence attachments page).

All users can also import individual diagrams into Gliffy (see Importing diagrams).

1. From the Confluence administration menu , click General configuration.

2. From the left menu, under Gliffy Plugin, click Batch Converter. A summary of the spaces that contain Lucidchart or diagrams and their number of diagrams appears.

Tip:  If you do not see this option, ensure you are using Gliffy for Confluence Server version 9.1.0 or later (see Updating the Gliffy for Confluence plugin).

3. Select the Confluence space(s) for which you want to convert the diagrams.

Tip:  If the space contains both Lucidchart and diagrams, you can select the Exclude check box to NOT convert those types of diagrams.

4. Click Start conversion.

When the conversion is complete, a summary appears. Click See summary to view the details. Any errors or diagrams that could not be converted are listed.

5. Navigate to the Confluence page(s) that contains the diagram(s). A copy of the diagram in Gliffy format appears below the original Lucidchart or diagram. From here, you can edit the Confluence page and edit the diagram in Gliffy.

Note:  In edit mode, before you first edit the diagram, the preview may appear blank until you first edit and re-save the diagram in Gliffy.

6. Once you confirm that Gliffy successfully converted the diagram, delete the original Lucidchart or diagram from the page.