Gliffy free trial and basic accounts

When you first create an account with Gliffy by clicking on Start Free Trial from, we extend you a free 14-day trial. During your trial, your account acts like a Gliffy Team account and you have access to most Gliffy features and shapes. However, when using the trial, you cannot:

  • Link to and save diagrams to Google Drive
  • Export diagrams
  • Embed and share diagrams

When your 14-day free trial ends

At the end of your 14-day trial, you can upgrade your account to a paid Professional or Team account (from your profile icon profile silhouette icon, choose Account Settings > Upgrade to continue to use all of Gliffy's features. For more information, see Changing your plan.

Or, you can continue to use Gliffy with a free basic account.

Gliffy basic account limitations

When you use Gliffy with a basic free account, you can sill use and work on any existing saved diagrams within your account, however all your diagrams will be marked as public. This means that anyone on the internet can access a read-only version of your diagrams and they are indexed by search engines such as Google. All your existing diagrams remain in your account, regardless of the status of your account. Gliffy never moves or deletes diagrams.

In addition, free basic accounts provide the following restrictions:

  • You cannot create more than one new public diagram
  • You cannot obtain technical support from Gliffy
  • You cannot view the diagram revision history or your saved diagrams
  • You cannot import Visio diagrams
  • You cannot use UML shapes and other business shapes such as website and UI, containers, navigation, forms, icons, and wireframes