Migrating Gliffy diagrams from Server or Data Center to Cloud

Gliffy for Confluence is available for Confluence Server, Data Center, and Cloud. Gliffy diagrams are Confluence Serverstored as attachments to Confluence pages (see Gliffy diagrams on the Confluence attachments page). If you migrate your Confluence instance from Server or Data Center to Cloud, your Confluence pages and associated Gliffy attachments will migrate to the new Cloud instance.

To migrate your Gliffy diagrams from Confluence Server or Data Center to Cloud, use the following steps:

1. Your source and target Confluence instances must have the Gliffy for Confluence plugin installed. Verify that your source is using Gliffy version 9.3.2 or later. If it is a lower version, see Updating the Gliffy for Confluence plugin.

2. Use the Confluence Cloud Migration Assistant to perform the migration. Choose to migrate the attachments to migrate your Gliffy diagrams. Detailed information is available at: https://support.atlassian.com/migration/docs/confluence-cloud-migration-assistant/.

3. Optional: Update links to other pages in your Confluence instance: Any links in your Gliffy diagrams to another Confluence page will not automatically update to point to the new page within the new Confluence instance. Instead, the links will remain pointing to the original pages within the old Confluence instance.

You must manually edit each Gliffy diagram that includes a link to a Confluence page and update the link to point to the new page.

Linked shapes are identified with a link icon in the lower-right corner and linked text is identified with blue underlining as shown below. For information about updating links, see Linking objects and diagrams or Linking text.

4. Optional: Re-create custom shape libraries: Any custom shape libraries that you created with your own shapes, images, and logos are not migrated. You must re-create the custom shape libraries in the new Confluence instance. See Adding custom shape libraries.

Note:  Gliffy Diagrams are stored as Confluence attachments. When a Confluence page with a Gliffy Diagram is migrated to the cloud with the Confluence attachments, the page on the Cloud will display the diagram the same way as it did on the Server or Data Center you migrated from.
For more information, see Gliffy diagrams on the Confluence attachments page.